The public services sector is distinctive for its economic and social relevance due to the profound impact it has on both the competitive capacity of Nations and on the quality of life of people. It therefore deserves particular attention, especially in a dynamic phase in which modernization is needed.

The journal
The Journal is conceived to contribute to the development and diffusion in our Country of managerial systems and techniques suitable to the public services sector and infrastructures. The Journal deals with subjects such as finance, stock exchange, operations and competitive intelligence, but it also deals with technological and juridical issues important for managerial choices.

The fields considered are mainly those known as having industrial relevance. In particular: Energy (Gas and Electricity), Environment (Water Cycle, Waste and related sectors), Telecommunications and Public Transportation. "Management delle Utilities" performs as a forum on the most remarkable national and international experiences, stimulating a debate both under an operational and strategic perspective.

Particular attention is attached to theoretical and academic works capable of effectively contributing to the growth and progress of the system. The Journal is addressed to anyone involved or interested in the public services sector. It is for instance thought for managers of public and private enterprises, for local, regional or national administrations, for professionals and suppliers of goods and services of the field, for scholars and professors. "Management delle Utilities" is published on a three-month basis.

The articles are meant to highlight the structural elements, the central themes, the emblematic experiences as well as the most updated facts and news of the Utilities sector.